Frequently asked questions:

To get the greatest benefits from your Yoga experience:

1.   Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.  We practice in bare feet.

2.   Plan to attend five (5) beginner classes before progressing to next level. 

3.   Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.   Allow at least two hours after a full meal.

4.   Bring a bottle of water and sweat towel.

5.   Be sure to inform your instructor of any medical conditions or injuries prior to class. 

6.   The beginning of class is important—-please arrive 7-10 minutes before class starts.  
      Final relaxation/savasana is equally important.  Please plan to stay until the end of the class
      to receive all the healthy benefits of yoga.  You miss the "best part of the class" when you have
      to leave early. 

7.   Gather a mat, blanket, block and strap to help you with the asanas (postures). 

8.   Please no cell phones or pagers—the exterior world won’t need you at this time.

9.    Go at your own pace, work it easy and slow, listen to your body.  Instead of trying to go as deeply
or completely into a pose as others might be able to do, do what you can without straining or injuring
yourself.  Adopt a loving and compassionate attitude toward yourself.  Yoga is a personal noncompetitive practice. 

10. Enjoy the practice—yoga is a unique experience.

We provide all yoga props (blocks, straps, and blankets).  Although for hygienic purposes, we recommend
that you provide your own mat.  

 Yoga items are available for sale through Wyoga Studio.  Please ask us!